Smith & Jones

Who knows what works?

Actually, we like to think that we do.

So you can too.


First thing, you have to be clear where you’re heading. We have our own process to help you with this. We call it a Communications Route Map. This is how it works:


We assess the current state of play. What are you trying to say, and is that message getting through to the right people?


You need to be clear of your direction and how to get there quickly, effectively. We plot the best path with you.


Watch your progress. We’ll identify what you need to measure and provide a clear overall picture to help you keep track.

Above all, we make sure everyone and everything work together to achieve your purpose.


Nothing matters more – be clear about your purpose. We work with you to clarify exactly what you want to achieve. And get it agreed, and recorded.

Then, with strong systems, we co-ordinate activity across all the channels. For your leaders, your own people. Your customers, investors, media, all audiences in synch.


Everyone – board, employees, customers, prospects – understands your purpose. And you make better use of your resources – people and money – to make the most of your investment.

Why Us?

Because we are highly experienced at working with businesses and organisations of every kind.

Because we listen well and work closely with you.

Because we achieve results.


Our clients have included:

NatWest; City of Plymouth (as well as its football club and culture board); Christie’s; Sport England; Once Milano; M&S; UK Department of Transport (“Drinking and Driving Wrecks Lives”); Making the Leap.

Ask us about them and projects like:

A leading art business – aligning 200 global managers behind the new brand
Transforming the communications culture and processes of a leading UK clearing bank
Defining the strategic proposition for a UK city, rebranding and delivering the programme.


We are Penny Bagnall-Smith and Peter Jones. We have both worked at the most senior level with major communications agencies. So we’re experienced and we don’t bite – unless it’s in the plan.

Let’s talk:, 07770 650 219, 07740 477 559